Travel Channel Extreme Factories Tour of the Chris-Craft Manufacturing Plant Video

As an avid Chris-Craft powerboat enthusiast I truly enjoy everything that is Chris-Craft. From its humble beginnings to its rise to fame, to its fall from grace and now its ascension back to the top again the story of Chris-Craft is what makes it more then just a boat. I always watch the Chris-Craft youtube videos mostly just to drool over that I can not have but also to stay up to date on the latest news and information. The Travel Channel extreme factory video is one of my favorite and I wanted to share a few thoughts on some of the more interesting parts of this Chris-Craft cover piece.

Chris-Craft Prices: 

The video notes that Chris-Craft boats now sell from $30,000 all the way up to $700,000. There is one thing for sure about Chris-Craft powerboats and that is they are not cheap. Expect to break the bank on any Chris-Craft purchase and I actually bought my boat used to save a little extra money which I highly recommend.

Chris-Craft Divisions:

Its interesting to see in the video how critical each division of the company. It takes a lot of working parts to deliver such craftsmanship. The video mentions there are Fiberglass teams, Electrical teams, Woodworking teams, Upholstery teams, Engine experts, carpenters and Hull, Liner and Deck specialists. There is a lot that goes into making Chris-Craft that is for sure and let me tell you its apparent in every ride. Each time I go out on the water I am always in awe at the elegance, luxury and power of my Chris-Craft 

Chris-Craft By The Numbers: 

I love this video because it shared so many cool stats and facts about the Chris-Craft company which is now based out of Sarasota, Florida. Some of the numbers mentioned included 20 acres of business space, 175 employees, 30 – 35 products in production at any one time, same molds used for 50 years, 6 step laminate process all cultivated through a 140 year legacy.

My Favorite Part Of The Video:

I think my favorite part of this Chris-Craft video is how they describe and go over the “Tumble Home” concept which is what gives the Chris-Craft powerboats there unique look and shape. I think it is one of those things that sets the boats apart from others and is a design concept that truly makes them a thing of beauty. One thing about pulling up to the water with a Chris-Craft. Everyone knows just how exceptional these water crafts are.

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