3 Ways To Exercise On The Water With A Chris-Craft – Boating Outings To Work You Out

When it comes to hanging out on the water with friends and family there are few experiences that rival those cruising in a Chris-Craft boat.  While luxury is part of the Chris-Craft lifestyle these beautiful water crafts also provide a wide variety of practical uses for owners.  If you happen to be lucky enough to be a proprietor of one of these exquisitely made boats there is no reason not to be trying to get the most out of your escapes to the water.  One such way to  do this is by participating in water sports that allow your body to physical workout.  While you most likely take all normal extras for every boating getaway like food and life jackets we also encourage owners to take additional items to include during time on the water that revolve around exercise to add even more benefits to the trip.  If you are looking for alternatives to the more traditional ways to workout  like the CIZE program then heading to the water for some sporting activities is the perfect way to do so.  Lets investigate three of our most loved boating exercise experience add-ons to get a better ideas on how to enhance an already pleasant and fun outing on the water.

Chris-Craft Boat Exercise Experience Number One – Wakeboarding

Very similar to snowboarding in the winter, wakeboarding on the water in the summer is not only a fun sport but also a great workout.  We really enjoy wakeboarding because it works out both the upper and lower body while also letting participants feel free and creative.  There are few things better then having fun while also getting a full body workout and wakeboarding is a perfect opportunity to do just that and something you will certainly want to consider for your next boating excursion.

Chris-Craft Boat Exercise Experience Number Two – Water Skiing

A close cousin to snow skiing, water skiing is and ideal way to get the body moving while spending a day out on the water in your Chris-Craft.  A sport that dates back many, many years water skiing has been a favorite recreational activity for as long as many of us can remember.  Not only tons of fun, water skiing also provides a great leg and arm workout without putting to much stress or strain on the body.  Like land workouts similar to the one seen at this CIZE review, water skiing is a quite enjoyable way to burn some calories while at the same time participating in something that is sure to make you smile.

Chris-Craft Boat Exercise Experience Number 3 – Tubing

The simplest and least impactful of the three exercise experiences noted in this article tubing can be a great way for the whole family to get in on the water workout routine.  The perfect water fun for all ages rope tubing behind your Chris-Craft boat is not only a great time but also a healthy arm and upper  body workout as well.  The bottom line is if you have a Chris-Craft water be sure to us it to your full advantage and that includes being sure to participate in all the fantastic water sports that are available today.  Your mental and physical health will thank you.

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Catering To A Better Life With Chris-Craft – Boating Additions To Bask In Luxury With

With regards to hanging out on the water there are few encounters that parallel those riding in a Chris-Craft.  Extravagance is part of the Chris-Craft lifestyle and generally goes alongside having heaps of fun.  If happen to be a fortunate proprietor of one of these finely made watercrafts we are certain you invest a lot of time, energy and money in getting the most out of your on water excursions.  While you most likely take all standard supplies for every getaway we generally jump at the chance to find additional items to include with time on the water to add even more benefits to the trip. Lets investigate three of our most loved boating add-ons to get further ideas on how to enhance a pleasant outing on the water.

Chris-Craft Boat Experience Extra Number One – Smart Watches and Smart Fitness Products

A great deal of times when we are out sailing the waters we are additionally taking an interest in water sports or other physical exercises of some sort.  In similar fashion you are putting your body through some type of exertion while hitting the lake or ocean. Something like the waterproof  Mio Alpha 2 Heart Rate Sport Watch or the Suunto Ambit3 Sport Waterproof Fitness products work perfectly for tracking and timing various aspects of your water adventures.  As a plus and incase of emergency many of these nature and fitness based smart devices have incorporated GPS to keep you safe during your fabulous time. Waterproof wearable gear is a game changing innovation and an awesome way to expand on any Chris-Craft watercraft ride..

Chris-Craft Boat Experience Extra Number Two – Portable Dab, Wax or Vape Pens

Nobody loves a smoker when on a close quartered ride and particularly when you are out to appreciate nature while having a comfortable time on a powerful watercraft.  While cigarettes ought to surely not be a feasible extra you might need to consider bringing along compact and portable vaporizer, dab and wax pens like the Firefly 2 vaporizer with sweet tasting vape juice, concentrates or dry herbs.  In addition to the fact that vaping is an incredibly relaxing hobby its also an ideal alternative and contrasting option for the cigarette smokers that may be part of your group.  By bringing a couple of the best vape pens along you can inspire your boat mates to a healthier more relaxed time on the water while doing it all in style and in line with the innovations and cultures of today.

Chris-Craft Boat Experience Extra Number 3 – Water Games

What fun is heading out to the water if there is no intention to have some fun and play some games.  From wakeboarding, to water basketball, to hoop and ball games, to inner tubing to so much more there really is an endless amount of choices when it comes to water sports and this should never be lost on the true outdoor Chris-Craft enthusiast.  Water sports and games are also a perfect compliment to the new smart technology and combining the two can lead to a lot of gret times.  Let us know what your favorite extra is to bring on your Chris-Craft outing and maybe we will do a feature on it.

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A Life of Luxury With Chris-Craft – Three Extras To Consider For You Next Boat Ride

13738227_1074032489329504_3773113703436734191_oWhen it comes to boating and hanging out on the water there are few experiences that compare to ones riding on a Chris-Craft.  Whether for sport or luxury any time spent on a Chris-Craft is usually time well spent along with being loads of fun.  If you are lucky owner of one of these finely crafted boats we are sure you spend plenty of time on the water enjoying your water privileges.  While you probably take all usual supplies for each trip we always like to hear about the extra perks that people like to add for their time on the water.  Lets take a look at three of our favorite out of the box items to take for a nice day out on the water.

Chris-Craft Boat Experience Add On #1: Wearable Sports Technology

A lot of times when we are out boating we are also participating in water sports or other physical activities of some type.  What is more fun then tracking a lot of these and seeing just how much you put your body through while hitting the lake.  Something like the waterproof Polar M600 powered by Android wear watch or if you prefer there are also plenty of Apple based options as well.  Worst case scenario is you have integrated GPS just in case you get lost while having to much fun.  Waterproof wearable sport technology is a great addition to any boat ride and sure does beat losing your iPone or iPad to water damage.

Chris-Craft Boat Experience Add On #2: Vaporizer Pens

No one likes a smoker when on a boat ride especially when you want to enjoy the outdoors and a safe time on a high powered water craft.  While cigarettes should certainly be out of the question one add on you may want to consider bringing is a vape pen and sweet smelling vape eliquids.  Not only are they all natural and healthy but they provide a great alternative for those would be cigarette smokers.  By bringing a few of the best vape pens you can find you can impress your guests in style once again with the latest in popular technology and culture.

Chris-Craft Boat Experience Add On #3:  Healthy Snacks

Sure bringing a snack on a boating trip might sound obvious and boring but that is sort of the point with this last tip and that is the fact that boat food can be fun and healthy at the same time.  Spending a whole day out on the water playing can really burn up some calories so you always want to be prepared with at least something to munch on while spending time on the water.  What really is the Chris-Craft boat experience without including some of the finer things in life and that means tasty food that can mesh will guests eating and preference types.  Our favorite picks are a healthy organic all natural beef jerky to satisfy those high endurance boat riders.  Then for everyone we highly recommend doing fruit, vegetable cheese and meat kabobs.  Get yourself some nicely aged Fontina and some Fresh Mozzarella and pair them tomatoes, grapes, spinach, favorite meats and dips and whatever else you can imagine.  Every boat trip needs a health snack for all to enjoy so o not forget it!

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Travel Channel Extreme Factories Tour of the Chris-Craft Manufacturing Plant Video

As an avid Chris-Craft powerboat enthusiast I truly enjoy everything that is Chris-Craft. From its humble beginnings to its rise to fame, to its fall from grace and now its ascension back to the top again the story of Chris-Craft is what makes it more then just a boat. I always watch the Chris-Craft youtube videos mostly just to drool over that I can not have but also to stay up to date on the latest news and information. The Travel Channel extreme factory video is one of my favorite and I wanted to share a few thoughts on some of the more interesting parts of this Chris-Craft cover piece.

Chris-Craft Prices: 

The video notes that Chris-Craft boats now sell from $30,000 all the way up to $700,000. There is one thing for sure about Chris-Craft powerboats and that is they are not cheap. Expect to break the bank on any Chris-Craft purchase and I actually bought my boat used to save a little extra money which I highly recommend.

Chris-Craft Divisions:

Its interesting to see in the video how critical each division of the company. It takes a lot of working parts to deliver such craftsmanship. The video mentions there are Fiberglass teams, Electrical teams, Woodworking teams, Upholstery teams, Engine experts, carpenters and Hull, Liner and Deck specialists. There is a lot that goes into making Chris-Craft that is for sure and let me tell you its apparent in every ride. Each time I go out on the water I am always in awe at the elegance, luxury and power of my Chris-Craft 

Chris-Craft By The Numbers: 

I love this video because it shared so many cool stats and facts about the Chris-Craft company which is now based out of Sarasota, Florida. Some of the numbers mentioned included 20 acres of business space, 175 employees, 30 – 35 products in production at any one time, same molds used for 50 years, 6 step laminate process all cultivated through a 140 year legacy.

My Favorite Part Of The Video:

I think my favorite part of this Chris-Craft video is how they describe and go over the “Tumble Home” concept which is what gives the Chris-Craft powerboats there unique look and shape. I think it is one of those things that sets the boats apart from others and is a design concept that truly makes them a thing of beauty. One thing about pulling up to the water with a Chris-Craft. Everyone knows just how exceptional these water crafts are.

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